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Task 2.2 Address Communication Challenges ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTIONS 1. To complete this task, you must identify and address communication challenges of at least two of your team members. 2. Locate the Action Plan found within this workbook. This outlines all the information required to complete this task. Review this and the instructions that follow before conducting the task. 3. Consult the two team members you trained in Task 2.1 on communication challenges affecting them. Throughout your consultation you must: a Identify at least three communication challenges faced by your team, with at least one from each of the following types: i. Either a conflict with team members OR. clients ii. Either a potential risks OR. hazards iii. Either unethical OR. inappropriate communication You are only required to select one from each type of communication challenges outlined above. For example, if you identify a conflict between team members, you cannot identify a conflict with a client as your second communication challenge. b. Identify at least one communication barrier for each communication challenge Communication barriers are specific conditions or circumstances that directly cause challenges in communication. These include, but are not limited to the following: _ Physical disabilities (e.g. hearing disability, speech difficulty, etc.) Language differences Cultural differences (e.g. expression of emotions, personal space, etc.) c. For each communication barrier identified, provide the following information: i. At least one action item to address communication barrier ii. Date to implement each action item iii. Anticipated result of each action item Record all information in your Action Plan